Being Holy, Step 1 – Obedience

On our study this week for being Holy, we are looking into the 3 concepts of being Holy, which are being Obedient or being well-behaved; being Reverent or respectful, and being Compassionate or having tender feelings towards others. For Monday & Tuesday we are looking at being Obedient. The Apostle Peter says in 1st Peter 1:14 that “as obedient children [of God], do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.” So basically what Peter is wanting us to do, is to take the first step in being holy and reminding us to do what is right. Sometimes it may not be easy to know what is right and so one way to help us know what the right choices are, are for us to pray and ask God what is the right choice. Praying to God and asking for His help in being obedient, is the first step into being Holy.